A new world:

It has been a while and yet we still don’t know what it to come. However, I am here to help with any baking needs that you may need, now that some folks have been going back to work.

Let me start out by saying: I am so glad to see that people are starting to return to normal lives, however normal they can be. My life is hopefully going to return to “some what normal” what ever that may be. With that being said, I wish everyone a Very much needed “Welcome Back”.

I have been working on some old time recipes that were in my childhood. I made my moms Mayonnaise cake, dark chocolate with a ganache topping, so mouth watering. I have also been working on some ideas using waffles and pancakes for dessert ideas. I would love to hear about some desserts or treats that you had as a child.

Please visit my Facebook page, facebook.com/Maryleebakesandtreats. Have a little look around and message me if you have any questions or ideas. I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day and remember: “Nothing brings people together like good food made from the heart.”

— Mary

Travel Plans!!!!

I’m so excited! We are getting ready to take a trip South to see our daughter and family that lives in South Carolina. While there I hope to get to sample some amazing seafood and check out some of the wonderful bakeries there. I want to go to Charleston and see are the history there. We plan to go through Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. I would love to hear if anyone has some interesting places to visit while we are there, restaurants, bakeries, historical places, those kinds of things!!

Looking for Suggestions:

Starting a business, especially and in-house bakery, can be a real challenge. With so many other in-house bakeries and Brick and Mortar bakeries, it’s hard to compete sometimes. I want to do something that not everyone else is doing. I would love to do breads, brownies, cookie bars and different snack bag type items. I know the kinds of things my family likes but would love to hear from others on things they would like.

With Spring coming up that means Mother’s Day, warmer weather and sunshine!!! I so can’t wait for that. I live in Nebraska where one day it’s 45º  and sunny to -5º and colder than…. , well you know!! What are some of your favorite things about Spring? I made these Sunflower cupcakes for my daughters birthday and think they turned out pretty good.  img_20200126_185647_092Chocolate cupcakes with banana curd filling and butter cream daisies piped on top.

Yesterday I made Pecan Pie Brownies. It’s the best of both worlds!! You have this fudgy brownie on the bottom with pecan pie filling on top img_20200210_193255

Well I am off to figure out what my next creation will be. I sure would love to hear what your favorite treats are, please leave me a comment on those.

Happy days and happy baking, from my house to yours!! Have great day  ♥♥♥



Marylee’s Bakes & Treats

Good morning!! Let me introduce myself to you all. My name is Mary and I own a little in-house bakery. I love to cook and bake, however, baking is my passion. I make breads, cookies, cupcakes, all sorts of treats. I went to culinary school and learned a lot about myself. I learned I don’t like to be told how the French make pastries, breads or candies. I want to make them my way. Culinary school was great though. I really did learn a lot and there was some great information.

I am engaged to a wonderful man, Craig. We love to travel and try out new restaurants, wineries and breweries. I have three grown children with families of their own, making me a Grandma to 5, with one on the way, beautiful grand babies. We had a restaurant in a very small farming community here in Nebraska. Just wasn’t big enough to support 2 bar/restaurants, so we closed ours as the other one had been a fixture there for a very long time. I was sad when we closed our doors, but I wanted to come back home to be with my family.

I think the thing I like to make the most is cookies, all different kinds. I made these amazing Oreo chocolate chip cookies and everyone really enjoyed them.

img_20200131_134038 These were totally amazing cookies. I do a package of twelve for $12.50.

Well I am off to make supper, it’s kind of cold out here so it is chili for supper!! Have a great evening and will be back later.

Leave me a comment on your favorite bakes and treats ♥♥